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We strongly believe in being in close contact with all our
authors on the production, promotion and distribution of
their books.
Maintaining high academic and production
standards is our priority. Manuscripts received would be
thoroughly assessed for their viability in India as well as across the globe. We intend to inform the authors ASAP on the acceptance or rejection of their works.



At OPIL we take extra measures to ensure that our product is at par with the International standards Professional type setters are engaged to bring about the best of results. Our production staff extends all the assistance to the authors during the production process.The print run of a book depends on a lot of factors like the audience, shelf-life of the book, etc.An ISBN is allotted to all our publications and these will be registered with Raja Ram Mohan Roy Foundation, New Delhi



The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the number of book distributors and publishers through-out the country. A stiff competition entails that each book has to be delivered on the table-top of the prospective reader.

OPIL brings out up-dated checklist in fields that it specializes in , like Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, regularly and sends these across to its existing and prospective customers. (Please send in your complete details and e-mail address and we shall include you in our Mailing list and send the relevant literature regularly.)

A comprehensive list of our publications can be viewed and downloaded from HERE. Taking advantage of our strong database, accumulated through two decades since our inception, we send the updated cataloges of our own publishing to all our existing and prospective customers.

We participate in Book Fairs, Specialized Displays, Conferences held through out the country to promote and sell our collection and products.



The distribution of books imported from various world renowned publishers and our publication is executed by an experienced, effective and professional Marketing team.

We have in our ready stock one of the best collections of foreign publications available in India, in the field of Engineering Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Architecture, Medicine. A team of experienced Marketing Personals regularly visits the existing as well as prospective customers through out the length and breadth of our vast country.



Please use these guidelines when preparing your proposal. If you follow them carefully, you'll give us all the information. we need to review your proposal fairly and quickly. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Detailed Content
Please provide detailed contents chapter wise of the proposal.

In two or three paragraphs, describe your book, its purpose, approach, organization and content. What prompted you to write the book now? If you have clips of any news articles supporting the popular interest and relevance of your topic, please be sure to attach them to your proposal.

Special Editorial Features
If the book will include any special features -- e.g. blank forms or case studies or photos or references to recent research, etc. -- please list them.

About Yourself
Please tell us about your background and achievements. What experience or professional credentials do you have that uniquely prepare you to write this book? Have you published any other books?

Your audience
Describe the primary and secondary markets for your book.

Sales/Marketing Handle
In fifteen words or less, tell us what aspect of your book's content will sell it. What will make someone buy your book?

Existing Marketing and Sales Opportunities
Do you have a client list to which the book could be sold? Do you have ties to any appropriate professional associations? Do you regularly hold seminars at which the book could sell? Do you have any contacts with the media that would help promote the book? Use your imagination.

Comparison with Key Competition
List 2-3 competing books and positively distinguish your book. If there are not any direct competitors, list the books on this topic that come closest. Do not simply write, "there are no competitors."

Project Status
How long will the manuscript be? When will it be completed? Will it contain photos, art, charts, or graphs? If you are writing on a computer, please give details.

Please give us an outline of the book. Include chapter headings, subheadings ,and, if possible, brief explanation of each chapter. Be sure to include appendices, glossaries, etc.

Sample Chapter
If you've already started writing, include a sample chapter -- preferably one that is representative of your work.




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