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OVERSEAS PRESS ( INDIA ) Pvt. Ltd. - A largest books seller on net


Overseas Press India Private Limited founded in 1987 started as very small one-man show. Now in less than two decades the company specializes in distribution of higher academic books of nearly all the major publishers of the world, through-out the length and breadth of India.

With a strong position among the libraries of major universities, defence establishments, research centers across the country and an increasingly diverse portfolio, we are forever working towards a broad base from which to develop and take us to greater heights of services.

We currently distribute nearly 40 publishers from UK, USA, Europe and Singapore

In 2003 OPIPL started on an ambitious journey by gaining reprint rights of some best-selling academic titles in the field of physics, Applied Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Our partners in this endeavor are prominent publishers from UK, Europe, USA and Singapore. We are in the process bringing out many new reprints and original works of academicians and scientists from across the globe. Our main aim is to provide the student community of the Indian sub-continent -comprising of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Mayanmar and Bangladesh with economy editions of the original texts.



Our another activity of Co-publishing with foreign publishers helps Indian authors to reach world wide.

The company also provides specialized Marketing services to several foreign publishers (click here for the list). We help in generating business for these publishers through continuous promotion of their products to all the major customers, of which we have a extensive database. Our services also include giving sound advice to the publishers regarding their activities in the Indian sub-continent.




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